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Andrew Nicholson riding Quimbo.  That angle.



I want some brown tall boots for schooling

Brown parlantis, I want to die of their beauty

Hi, yes, I would like to order um… That, please

Donna Silver, a 2001 16.35h Danish Warmblood mare. 
 (Willemoes x Cannon Row)

Sunny Autumn Ride by Amy.Equine on Flickr.

"I need to ride. I don’t just like to ride, love to ride, enjoy riding. But I need to ride. If I don’t ride, I become depressed, agitated, grumpy, annoyed, short-tempered. Riding is my personal psychiatrist, my way of relieving stress and everything calms down when I ride. My brain quiets, all of the issues I have in my life cease to exist for that hour or two that I sit in my saddle atop my favorite animal in my life. Riding isn’t a want, it’s a necessity.

me explaining to a misunderstanding cousin (via equinegear)

(via equinefeather)



Sunset pictures ❤️

gorgeous pic! 

i love how the fjord is so fancy and the babies are like “merp”